8 Things I Love About Winter

I gotta admit, when I was still in school winter was definitly not my favorite season. Winter mostly meant getting up at 6 am, swinging one leg out of your bed, immediatly freezing in place and then opening the curtains and not even being able to see if your house is still standing in the same … Continue reading 8 Things I Love About Winter


On Sundays We Wear Cozy #3 – Lazy Sunday Morning Routine

I made a little something for you! I was kinda inspired by all those infographics you see a lot on Pinterest these days. So, I did a little digital doodling and put together my lazy sunday morning routine for you! Enjoy (copying highly recommended!), join the On Sundays We Wear Cozy fam and have a great sunday!

Looking Back on 2016 & what I got for christmas

You might've noticed that I took a little holiday break. I wasn't originally planning on it being so long but I think all that quality family time really did me some good. Now I'm back and so ready to take on 2017! But before I do that let's take a quick look back on 2016 and … Continue reading Looking Back on 2016 & what I got for christmas