5 Tips For Learning a New Language

One of my 2017 resolutions is learning a new language, Korean to be exact, and I'm guessing it is for many other people too. Since I decided to move it up on my priority list throughout february and tried out different learning techniques before, I thought: why not share my best tips with you? Of course, … Continue reading 5 Tips For Learning a New Language


5 Sick-Day Must-Haves

I'm back! No one probably even noticed I was gone, but still... As you might be able to guess from the title of this post, I was sick the last one and a half weeks. Being sick is never fun, I was especially pissed when it hit me this time because I was just having … Continue reading 5 Sick-Day Must-Haves

On Sundays We Wear Cozy #4 – Sunday Essentials

Who doesn't love the feeling you get on a sunday morning? It's weekend, you don't have to go anywhere or do anything if you don't want to. You can be productive and work on any personal project if you want, pamper yourself to the limit, blast music or just lay around on the couch if that's … Continue reading On Sundays We Wear Cozy #4 – Sunday Essentials

8 Things I Love About Winter

I gotta admit, when I was still in school winter was definitly not my favorite season. Winter mostly meant getting up at 6 am, swinging one leg out of your bed, immediatly freezing in place and then opening the curtains and not even being able to see if your house is still standing in the same … Continue reading 8 Things I Love About Winter

To Read List 2017

Is it just me or does it not feel like we're only 2 weeks into 2017? Not that I'm complaining about having enough time to do all the stuff I want or getting a shit load of stuff done in the new year already... but, new year's eve was like what, about 2 weeks ago??! … Continue reading To Read List 2017

Top 20 Quotes to get you motivated for 2017

What's better to kick off the new year and start all over than a few quotes to keep the motivation up? Right, nothing. Inspiring quotes are like a free motivational speech. So, let's make good use of that and read some kick-ass quotes that will make everything possible in 2017! . . top 20 motivational … Continue reading Top 20 Quotes to get you motivated for 2017

How To Deal With Anxiety – 10 Tips

Since I quit school I spent most of my days painting and drawing and working on this blog, basically being creative and it really helped a lot with my anxiety. But I was in a really really bad place just four months ago. In fact I was so bad, I quit school half a year … Continue reading How To Deal With Anxiety – 10 Tips