Alan Rickman Portrait

complete page.jpg


I’ve been making a lot of these kind of watercolor black and white portraits recently, but I don’t think I ever properly told you guys about it. You might have seen a Tim Burton or Leonard Nimoy one before on my Instagram though.

The other day, I actually finished the portrait I wanna talk about in this post. As I hope you can clearly see, it’s Alan Rickman. I painted this with black and grey watercolor on a newspaper page I primed with a coat of white wallpaint.

Some might be surprised about this combination and wonder why I didn’t use some fancy ass primer product. Well, firstly it would’ve cost me a fortune (that I don’t have) and secondly, you don’t need that stuff. The combination of material that I used works perfectly fine and you’re either good at what you do or you aren’t, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the products you use, trust me.


I hope you like me talking about my artworks in some way and make sure to come back here because there will be much more in the future! Don’t let them put you in a box. \m/


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