The Live Experience: The Pretty Reckless

Here’s my first Live Experience for 2017! I hope this will be a year full of concerts but for now let’s start with one. As you know from my previous post, I took a little sick-break the last week and a half. But I already had tickets for a concert of my favorite band and you bet your ass I would’ve managed to go there even if I had a fever!

Everything’s fine, I made it and finally saw The Pretty Reckless live! I took a little roadtrip (matching playlist in my previous post! January Roadtrip Playlist – On Sundays We Wear Cozy #5) and got there safely, saw my favorite band in concert and can now die in peace. If you wanna know what it was like, just keep reading.



01/30/2017 – Cologne, Germany – The Pretty Reckless – Who You Selling For

I’ve tried to see my favorite band in concert like three times already and it never worked. It seems to be jinxed. This time a really bad cold hit me a week before the concert and boy, was I pissed. Still, I had hope that I would be good enough by the time the event rolles around. Then some family issues came up and the whole trip was close to being cancelled.

But, one of my 2017 goals is to take a roadtrip, no matter how short because I dreamed about it ever since I got my driver’s liscence. Here is my chance. I didn’t think I would be able to do this so early in the year. Although, the whole plan had to be changed, I took my chance, packed my stuff, got in the car, drove for 3 hours straight and now here I am.

Standing, in a line, in front of the Gloria Theatre in Cologne, Germany. People are only moving slowly. I didn’t think the queue would be so long, but it actually makes sense since it’s stance only. People walking past us are obviously wondering what we’re standing in line for. One girl even comes up to me and asks about it.

Close to the entrance, I can already hear music blasting. It’s definitly not The Pretty Reckless playing and I’m relieved. If I miss the beginning of this concert, I will make someone pay, big time.

After I pass the security, I get straight into the next line. This time waiting for some dude to hang my coat. I usually wouldn’t do that, but you know, it’s winter. I’m not gonna hold this big fat thing for the next 2 hours?!

I get rid of my coat and then make my way to the actual theatre room. It’s all quite small, but I expected that. It’s nice. Nice atmosphere and everything feels a little more intimate. The supporting act is now playing, The Cruel Knives. They’re quite good, I like their stuff. The crowd seems to enjoy it too. Just, one thing: Why do people not announce that there is a supporting act pre-show anymore? Did I miss something? Not that I mind, but it’s kinda nice to know.

Whatever, the band plays a few more songs, which gives me some time to analyze them more. Just like many supporting acts I’ve seen before, this one too, has that one guy that already feels like they’re the real deal and plays without a shirt. Not judging, just observing. The lead singer seems to be pretty handsome. I’m not gonna judge too quickly this time though. At my first concert I found out that the people (especially the ones you don’t know) might look good from afar but not so much anymore up close. So, I’m just gonna hold back my thoughts until I googled them…

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Once they’re done with their part of the show, they say their goodbyes and leave. The light’s turn back on and some guys start moving things around on stage. Since I’m here alone, I don’t really have anyone to take my mind off the waiting part. Instead, I’m just standing there awkwardly, sniffing my nose pretty often, eating some hard candy to soothe my throat and telling myself that I’m not sick at all and that it’s okay to sing along later. I don’t need my voice tomorrow anyway…

The lights finally dim again and some heavy breathing and moaning comes out of the speakers. I hope most people here know the band well enough and their song Follow Me Down or this might get awkward. It’s fine, you can’t hear most of it anyway because everyone’s screaming so loud…




The main act, The Pretty Reckless, gets on stage and starts playing. More screaming. I sing along instantly and actually hold up surprisingly well.

They take short breaks in between the songs. Sometimes the lead singer, Taylor Momsen, is just talking, sometimes the other members just jam a little on their instruments before the actual next song starts. I think that’s a nice touch. It’s really a show they’re doing, not just something you could easily replace by them standing there, moving their lips and hands to a playback of their own songs. They really are a great live band.




The audience goes crazy when they start playing Make Me Wanna Die. I don’t think you can love The Pretty Reckless without loving this single. They’re actually playing a best of, not just songs from the new record, but quite a few. Of course, all their greatest hits are in the set, stuff like Since You’re Gone, Going To Hell, My Medicine and Sweet Things are just evergreens and everyone is once again chearing along even louder when Heaven Knows comes on. Taylor Momsen says it was basically written so us fans “could be part of the band”. The crowd seems to get and love the idea.

The show’s nearing its end. After the lights went out completely and the members seemingly left the stage, they come back once more. They then play Just Tonight with everyone chearing along. The band then leaves the stage. Regardless, everyone is still chearing, shouting and screaming. Something surprising happens. Some people in the front start singing the chorus of Just Tonight and soon everyone else has joined in.




Whether they planned on coming back anyway or we were just super convincing doesn’t matter. What matters is that they play one last song tonight: Fucked Up World. I witnessed one of Jamie Perkins’s sick and awesome drum solos live! For those who don’t know: Usually during Fucked Up World Taylor Momsen, Mark Damon and Ben Phillips leave the stage and the drummer Jamie Perkins just goes crazy on the drums for what feels like a pretty long time. And it’s awesome.

The other three members get back on stage for the last part of the song and then finally, they say their goodbyes, the lights come back on completely and all the people slowly make their way out of the room.

I go to grab my coat and then make my way outside. It’s cold outside and I’m a little sad that the show’s over already. It feels like I only just walked in there but it was great, more than worth its money, even better than I expected and fucking awesome. I certainly know why they’re my favorite band.



I still got one concert experience from 2016 in stock, so stay tuned for that! I’m planning to attend some more shows in 2017 and of course I’ll share my reaction with you! Hope you’re as excited as I am, don’t let them put you in a box. \m/




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