On Sundays We Wear Cozy #4 – Sunday Essentials

Who doesn’t love the feeling you get on a sunday morning? It’s weekend, you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything if you don’t want to. You can be productive and work on any personal project if you want, pamper yourself to the limit, blast music or just lay around on the couch if that’s more like you.

There’s just nothing like a sunday. Of course, everyone has their essentials for the perfect sunday and I wanted to share mine with you today! Tell me in the comments what’s on your list!



My 6 Sunday Essentials



You might be like: what??? Don’t worry, I don’t mean an actual monk, that would be weird… I’m talking about the TV series here. I love this show so much! It’s a nice alternative to all the other crime series out there that just seem to be the same thing over and over. Gloomy setting, murder, theme song, cut to crime scene, disgusting corpse, boring af investigation, gloomy setting, murder, theme song, cut to crime scene, disgusting corpse, boring af investigation, gloomy setting, murder, theme song, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Yes, Monk sometimes starts with a gloomy setting too, but Tony Shalhoub’s brilliant acting performance just makes this show so much better than all the others. It’s funny, uplifting, sometimes serious, then again light-hearted, which makes it the perfect sunday morning show. I watch 2 episodes every sunday and the great thing is, there’s a whole lotta episodes! If you like Sherlock or The Big Bang Theory for their weird but adorable protagonists, I highly recommend checking out Monk too!


Soft Blanket

What else do you need when snuggling up on the couch to watch your favorite show? Of course, a blanket. Preferably one that is super soft and warm. I have a yellow one with Woodstock the bird on it (I have a Peanuts problem…) and it is the softest thing ever! Trust me, I had other blankets before that I thought were soft, but they actually weren’t. This one definitly is!


Coffee in a Pretty Cup

Or really any hot beverage that I’m feeling that day, tea or hot chocolat or whatever. But the combination of a super cute mug with your favorite drink in it and a soft blanket draped over you… instant sunday coziness and the best thing in the world!



Who doesn’t love food? Sunday food is especially great for me because that is the one day of the week where I’m like: Fuck the calories. Sunday is my cheat day where I get to eat pretty much anything I want and of course I’m pretty much looking forward to it the whole week.

I highly recommend trying this system out because it’s really a whole lot easier to eat healthy throughout the week when you know you get to fullfill your cravings on the weekend! But even if you don’t do it like that, enjoying your food in peace on sunday after a long hard week really does make it even better.



Yes, I have a notebook problem too. Actually, I have a lot of problems and addictions but that’s not quite the topic of this post. But what I like to do on a sunday is get all my notebooks out and use them, especially if I was to busy to do any of that througout the week. I’ll just write down some quotes I recently came across or doodle a little.

Also, sunday is the day that I plan out most of my week. So, I get my planner out as well and just write down all the things that I know will be coming up the next week or the things that I wanna do. In a way that helps making me feel less stressed about the upcoming week and it gets me excited for monday too!


Good Music

Last but definitly not least: Music. You know any of those people who are “not really into music”? I don’t get that, like how?! How do you survive? What do you do with your life? I need music like 24/7!

So, naturally, I also need music on a sunday. It’s great, whether it’s some background music while you’re reading or doing some chores around the house or just sit around and actively listen to music because we tend to do not do that enough anymore. Take the songbook out of the CD cover and really listen. You might discover a lot that you never recognized before.


I put together a little “Sunday Funday” playlist for you if you want some inspiration or motivation! Follow me on Spotify for more.



Hope you’re having a great sunday and really take the break you deserve after a long week of work! See you next week and don’t let them put you in a box. \m/



More motivation and stuff to fill your notebook with on my Pinterest!

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