8 Things I Love About Winter

I gotta admit, when I was still in school winter was definitly not my favorite season. Winter mostly meant getting up at 6 am, swinging one leg out of your bed, immediatly freezing in place and then opening the curtains and not even being able to see if your house is still standing in the same place it did at 5 pm the day before, when you were last able to tell.

But, now that I get to stay inside if I want to, I realized winter can be pretty nice when you’re able to mostly watch it from your window. It’s still not my favorite season and I would still be up for hibernation if it was ever offered to humans. Nonetheless, there are great things about winter and today I’m gonna share my 8 favorites with you!



8 Great Things About Winter




Of course. Who doesn’t love christmas? It’s one of the first things that come to mind when talking about winter. While a white christmas is sadly very unlikely for many of us, christmas is still a great time of the year. It almost feels like it’s a season itself, right?

Christmas means christmas markets, trees inside houses, decoration, awesome smells, lights, presents, advent calendars and family time. It seems to be the one time of the year where the world tries its hardest and rises to be its best self. If that doesn’t make you feel all fuzzy and warm even in the coldest winter then I don’t know what does…


2. Crisp Air


Is it just me or does the world look cleaner in winter? The light just seems lighter, the air clearer. Everything you see suddenly seems to have cleaner edges and a more defined outline.

I don’t know if the coldness might really change the air to the point that we can see it, it might really just feel like it does. But, I know that when I go outside, I can see and smell clearness and I kinda love it.


3. Snow


While it mostly might come after christmas eve, it most definitly comes in winter. Yes, snow can be an obstacle when you have to drive to work, it’s no fun when it turns brown or squishy after a few days and once it turned into ice we all hate having to walk on it. But, remember how thrilled you were as a kid when you obliviously looked out of the window one morning to discover that the world had turned into a whole different one over night?

That shimmery glittery white gold covering up the boring sidewalk you saw every day but covered in snow it suddenly seemed to be the most appealing place for a snowangel? The magic of snow everyone! Remember that feeling next time you whine about having to drive through it to work. It once made you happy and it still can if you let it.


4. Hot Beverages


Because who doesn’t love either coffee, tea or hot chocolate? And it just doesn’t feel as right in summer…


5. Staying Inside


Yes, I’m the kind of person who prefers to stay inside most of the year… but, winter is the great season where there is barely any pressure from others (your mom) to leave the house, to “play outside” or leave a good book just to get stung by a bee while getting sunburned near the pool. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who enjoys that!


6. Special Christmas Sweets


I’m talking about all the things that are suddenly cinnamon flavored, the gingerbread (man or house) and the peppermint moccas. No other sweet sins feel as good during the whole year as the ones you commit during winter and christmas time. After all, you only get most of this stuff once a year, better enjoy it as long as you can!


7. Candles


Scented or the normal ones, I don’t care. Around this time of year there is barely anything better than spending your evenings with a good book, a hot beverage (as mentioned above!) and some candles. Instant coziness!


8. Snow Globes


That might be a personal favorite but come on, who doesn’t love snow globes? They are basically a guarantee for a white christmas.

I love these things all year round, they’re still simply the most popular in winter. Holding and shaking up these glittery little worlds in my hands inspires my inner child and they do a great job at keeping the winter-blues away. What’s not to love?



Hope you’re having a great winter so far! Focus on the good things and don’t let them put you in a box. \m/



Here’s some more winter feeling and coziness for you!

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