Looking Back on 2016 & what I got for christmas

You might’ve noticed that I took a little holiday break. I wasn’t originally planning on it being so long but I think all that quality family time really did me some good. Now I’m back and so ready to take on 2017! But before I do that let’s take a quick look back on 2016 and say goodbye to a year full of changes.


First things first: I hope you had a nice christmas and I thought it would be fun to share my presents with you!

So, here’s what I got for christmas 2016:

the most important gift I got is probably this concert ticket because The Pretty Reckless is my favorite band of all time and in 2017 I’ll finally see them live!!!
I also got this really cool purse with a triangle design and a dark burgundy-red and black color scheme
I got two of these amazing mugs with facial expressions by fiftyeight. I love cups in general but especially these because they’re just really well made and look awesome. My mom got me the “grumpy” and the “impish” one; don’t ask me why she thought of me when she saw this grumpy one…
I love Mario games! I just finished “Mario Bros. U” so I’m really happy that I got “Super Mario 3D World” for my Wii U this christmas. Let the fun continue!
Last but not least, I got some money because I’m currently saving for a fancy shiny new camera which is why I didn’t get that many other presents. Still gonna take me a while to be able to purchase this though. *sigh*



I also created a playlist for you guys including mostly new music I discovered in 2016, music that was released this year and songs that I’ve just been listening to a lot. You might wanna listen to it while you look at the pictures below. They are basically the highlights of my year 2016. Hope you enjoy!




I hope your year 2016 was good. I wish you all the best for 2017 (happy be-lated new year btw!) and I will see you again on saturday. Make sure you follow my blog and all my social links cause there is so much amazing stuff coming this year and I’m looking forward to sharing all of it with you!

Don’t let them put you in a box in 2017! \m/




All the bands mentioned in this post were part of “11 Bands for People who want to sell their Soul to Rock ‘n’ Roll”:

11 Bands – pt.11 – The Pretty Reckless

11 Bands – pt.3 – 5 Seconds of Summer

11 Bands – pt.10 – Nickelback


More playlists?

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