Hey there!

I just quit school and I feel like now is the right time to start this. I want to go on a journey, a journey where you can enjoy, learn, live, feel and experience. I want to get in touch with myself. I want to get in touch with you. Most importantly I want us to go on this journey together, to connect over music and art and to discover new things about ourselves and others.

I’m a little broken, I don’t fit in, I’m not sure if I know who I am, I certainly don’t know where my place in this world is, I have social anxiety and I’m anything but perfect. But I’m here, I have a lot to be grateful for, I’m passionate, I’m trying to take action and control and I’m beginning to heal and I want to live a life worth living.

Sounds familiar? Feeling like a big bad(ass) lonely wolf? Then you’re welcome to join the pack and make this your journey too. Over the last years I developed an unhealthy amount of hate for this world, but that’s neither good for me nor anyone else. If you feel anything like me, you want to escape your reality a little, to have a place to go to when you feel stuck, to get lost in the amazing universe of music and art for a while and share your thoughts about it, or just de-stress, I hope that you’ll come here from time to time and when you found what you needed, you can go back to taking on the world feeling a little less alone.


So, on to some less depressing business. This is my very first post and to introduce myself I thought: let’s just start with 5 random facts about me. So here you go:

1. I have a serious notebook obsession. Whenever I see pretty notebooks in a store I’m tempted to buy every size and color there is. I have a lot of notebooks already lying around, some barely used and most of them without any purpose at all and yet I can’t help but buy more. I especially love “paperblanks” way too much because they get expensive pretty fast and resisting the urge to just take the whole display with me, every time I’m at my local bookstore, is one of the hardest things ever. (Same goes for the lipstick display at the drugstore and decorative boxes at Ikea.)

2. I’m neither a coffee, nor a tea person. I do enjoy both from time to time, but I’m not too crazy about either of them. The kind of coffee that I could actually drink all day is more like coffee flavored sugar than coffee at all and that’s unhealthy AF so I try to avoid doing that. Meanwhile explaining why I don’t drink tea is much easier, it just tastes like barely flavored hot water to me. I don’t know about you, to me that just doesn’t sound very tempting. But recently I tend to actually drink tea more often because I discovered two kinds that even I like: Caramel Apple Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake. I mean come on, pie and cheesecake tea?! Where the hell has this been all my life?

3. I’m a very loyal person. If I was a fan of something once, I’ll probably be a fan until I die. No, I did not spend my last week rewatching every movie I loved in my childhood… *cough*

4. This might also be linked to the fact that I have a hard time throwing stuff away. My place is full of emotional clutter and things that I just keep because “they might come in handy one day”. Trying to declutter usually just makes it worse and ends with me being frustrated about the fact that less stuff than before does not fit into the same closet anymore.

5. Lastly, the bat is my favorite animal. Not because I like to dress in black or have a fascination for creepy stuff. I literally think they are the cutest animals ever. I know, I’m weird.

Hope to see you again soon, have a nice day and don’t let them put you in a box! \m/

SYSTEM ERROR - New blog about music, art and much more! Check it out: thesystemerrorblog.wordpress.com - First blog post: Hey there! - introduction & 5 random facts about me



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